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Music tidbits

  • The Graun reviews the self-titled début album by Franz Ferdinand. I've heard a good deal about them, and will probably have to pick it up.
  • Meanwhile, for the aging new-wavers in the audience, there's a box set of The Cure's B-sides and rarities. Sounds interesting, though probably has nothing that's not on illegally-pressed CDs sold at street markets. I suspect I won't get around to shelling out the $80-100 for it, just as I didn't with the New Order box set (despite the promise of a 15-minute version of Elegia untrammelled by lossy compression and/or analogue tape degradation).
  • The Avalanches' remix of Belle & Sebastian's I'm A Cuckoo is rather interesting; no danceable beats, but the accompaniment has been replaced by a Sudanese band (!). (Ta, cnwb!) Meanwhile, Rekindle's Ice Skating Girl, further down on the page, is probably the first example of the twee/R&B crossover that just had to happen some time after the coolsies got into booty music. Think New Edition signed to Kindercore and you've got an idea of what it sounds like. Now the obvious question is when will Architecture In Helsinki do a rap record.
  • The Age talks to Jazzie B of Soul II Soul (the sound system, and now the record label)
  • Via a link further down on this page: How to fake music insider status in a hurry. Which links to this page of suggested Rough Guides to everything from Twee to Krautrock to Stereolab to Mental Illness. Looks like more grist for the SoulSeek mill.

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