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Dogs In Spa-ace

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I just came back from the screening of Dogs In Space at ACMI, and the subsequent Q&A session with director Richard Lowenstein, the film's cinematographer and editor, and music director Ollie Olsen, which was fairly interesting. The upcoming DVD release (more on which has been submitted to Rocknerd), and the wealth of extra footage to be found on it, was mentioned prominently. Lowenstein is also thinking of releasing an extended edition of the soundtrack album, with tracks that didn't make it onto the vinyl release, though that would involve getting the rights to the soundtrack (which are in the hands of INXS). Anyway, I'll post more about it to The Null Device, which should be back soon.

This was about the third time I've seen this particular film; this time around, I noticed more of the production design (such as flyers for gigs by key Little Bands around the house) than last time.

Before Dogs In Space they played a short film from 1976 titled Mick, consisting of interviews with a young suburban hooligan showing off his impressive tattoo collection and talking about his prison terms and his hobby of poofter-bashing, along with some interviews with his parents and footage of what passed for legitimate teenage activities in the suburbs at the time; namely teens roller-skating in a circle inside a brick building, much like a prison exercise yard.
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On January 31st, 2004 06:58 am (UTC), reddragdiva commented:
Just posted :-)

The INXS ownership thing is probably their management, who were involved in Chase Records, which went bust soon after releasing the original vinyl soundtrack. I'm surprised it was never reissued, though - it was INXS mgt. who started rooArt.
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On January 31st, 2004 07:23 am (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
The rooArt thing sounds vaguely familiar; I should check my copy of The Sell-In again.

Mind you, at the time rooArt existed, chances are Dogs In Space was old enough to be outdated but not enough to be retro. Much in the way that, say, electroclash or punk-styled house music would have fallen flat in 1995.
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