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Air French Band

I picked up the new Air album, Talkie Walkie, this past afternoon; the version with the bonus DVD, for A$35; it appears to be a kosher Red Book CD. (The bare version, however, is Copy Corrupted; though EMI at least had the foresight to price their shoddy merchandise at $22, rather than the usual $26-30. Still, that's $22 more than the MP3s I got from SoulSeek would have cost me, if I did naughty things like that. *ahem*)

I haven't looked at the DVD yet, which apparently contains concert footage. Oddly enough, it's a double-sided disc, with one side being PAL and the other NTSC. I've never noticed a difference between PAL and NTSC DVDs; from what I gathered, DVD players just decoded either to an RGB framebuffer and encoded it into whatever your TV understood without bothering with all that legacy analogue nonsense. Though maybe I'm wrong.

I still haven't seen an indigenous copy of the new Stereolab; I've seen US imports, which are kosher, at PolyEster (apparently, it was released in the US before it came out anywhere else; hence PolyEster importing a stack of US releases and selling them to diehard 'labrats keen to have it a week early (and too honest or technically inept to l33ch it off KaZaA) at a premium). Though the local Warners subsidiary has been known to corrupt most of their recent releases, just because they could.

Similarly, the new Franz Ferdinand album remains nowhere to be seen.

Back to Air: does anybody know what the choir synth pad in Run (which sounds suspiciously like the keyboard in 10CC's I'm Not In Love, or at least my recollection of it) is? Is it a Mellotron tape or a FM synth or a Fairlight sampler or something else?

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