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Joining the 21st century

I've just ordered a Nokia 3200 to replace my ailing 3310. I chose this one because the main difference from the 7250i is that it only has 1Mb of memory rather than 4Mb and doesn't have SyncML. Other than that, it does GPRS, runs Java applets (the small MIDP 1.0 ones, up to 64Kb in size), has a XHTML browser (though what use that is on a 128x128 phone screen is another matter) and has a cheap little camera built in (which technically makes it a "futurephone" in the Warren Ellis sense of the word, though I'd probably reserve the word for the large-screened Symbian phones with proper web browsers).

My plans for it: install an IM client like Jimm or IM+, so I can use ICQ/AIM/MSN/Jabber from it (paying a fraction of the cost of SMS, too). I'll probably make my own MIDI ringtones for it as well.

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