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More mobile phone wankery (1)

I've recently switched off the T-9 dictionary thing on my mobile phone. I used it since I got my first T-9-equipped phone (a Nokia 3210), as I found it quicker for entering frequently used words. Some of my friends disdained the whole T-9 thing, preferring to enter things letter by letter. I thought this was a bit silly and ludditic, until I saw frogworth texting at a bazillion characters per second through sheer practice. Since then, I've been keying in messages letter by letter. I'm not up to such a blistering speed yet, though give me time.

(More advantages of not using T-9: (1) you don't have to look at the screen to choose words, meaning that you can, in theory, text blind whilst walking down the street, and (2) in making the semicolon difficult to get to, T-9 is probably doing a grave injury to English punctuation. Disadvantages: it's slower, at first.)

Poll #256025 The joy of text

How do you text on your phone?

Letter by letter, mostly in normal English
using the automatic dictionary/autocompletion feature
I don't have a mobile phone/I don't text

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