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"Will u be my freind???!?"

*sigh* Another drooler added this journal (and probably some 743 others) to their friends list. A look at their journal shows that they don't have any interests of note and don't seem to have anything to say that could be of interest to anyone who doesn't know them or isn't desperate for any simulation of human contact. Though at least this one's interest list is "meeting new peoples" and not "rape" or "adolf hitler" or something.

(A free clue: if you don't know me personally, or we haven't significantly interacted, then I'm not one of your friends. Adding me to your friends list won't get make it so. There just aren't enough hours in the day to be a very special friend to all the world's outcasts, social retards, neurotics, psychotics, trolls, creeps, hangers-on, psychic vampires and emotional basketcases who are too fucking inept to actually meet people they have any chance of having any common ground with. If you're one of those people, turn your computer off and go meet some people. Or at least develop an interest someone else might share; like, say, trainspotting or fursuit sex or something.)

I think the ability to remove oneself from people's friends lists is long overdue. IMHO, the recent epidemic of trolls and idiots is an excellent case for making adding someone to one's friends list require their approval, as it does on services like ICQ and

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