this is not your sawtooth wave (kineticfactory) wrote,
this is not your sawtooth wave

All the fun of the fair

This morning, I woke at an unnatural and ungodly hour for a Sunday (about 10am) and went down to Essendon for the record fair. I left with the following in my backpack:
  • Pulp - His 'N' Hers, for around $10 or so.
  • Tracky Dax - Crimes of Fashion (I had meant to check it out a few years ago, but never did; anyway, now I got it for $1. Maybe it'll be useful if I get roped into DJing at Shake Some Action or some similar ironic coolsie night.)
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads (from the Heartland stall, for $18; an opportunity to fill a gap in my Nick Cave collection)
  • Velocity Girl - Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts. I picked up an earlier disc of theirs in Sydney last year, and found it OK if a bit ordinary in places; maybe they had improved by 1996; anyway, it was $2.
  • and, The Smiths' The Complete Picture DVD, brand new and shrink-wrapped, for $10.

I ran into surfacenoise there (he had a stall, selling various indie vinyl); though I didn't buy anything from him there; it seems I arrived too late to get my pick of the choice items.


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