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Cor, where do they dig them up?

Jam session with a friend this morning (well, early afternoon). He played guitar, and I did beats/melodies on a laptop. A project somewhere in the indie-pop/electronica continuum (though probably more on the indie-pop side of things) may yet come of this.

Then I went to my favourite café and found that it was infested by goths. There was a party of about a dozen goths sitting at the big table. They were all wearing more or less solid black, along with the usual fetish boots and subculturally-correct T-shirts (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, "Goth As F**K", &c.); there was not a jot of colour to be seen in the entire pack, except for the odd bit of blood-red. One had a 5"-high mohawk, all jet-black of course (perhaps he was the alpha-male of the pack?). Surreal; you don't see many of those in North Fitzroy. I thought they were all in Brunswick or Prahran or someplace like that.

(Thankfully the goths didn't get any say over the music on the stereo, which remained inoffensive cafe chillout music rather than fucked-up hate-angst-tantrum-metal or whatever. Not that I was paying much attention to it anyway.)

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