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anatomy of distance

don't be so oversure, my friend...

this is not your sawtooth wave
7 January

Some thirty inches from my nose
The frontier of my Person goes,
And all the untilled air between
is private pagus or demesne.

Stranger, unless with bedroom eyes
I beckon you to fraternize,
Beware of rudely crossing it:
I have no gun, but I can spit.
     — W.H. Auden

Formerly of North Fitzroy, now living in London. I make music, take photos and occasionally travel.

This journal is written largely for people whom I know, and thus much of it is friends-only. Most of the things I write for people who share my interests but don't necessarily know me personally (i.e., my blog, photos and more content to come) go here (which is syndicated on LJ as thenulldevice). It's generally much more interesting too.

I generally only "friend" people I know personally (either online or in real life). If you fall into this category, please introduce yourself. Email sent to (my LJ name)@livejournal.com should reach me.

I have photos online at Flickr, and others at my photo gallery pages.

I have a last.fm account here.

Artists most listened to by me (when at a computer) over the past week:
anorakhighst's Last.fm Weekly Artists Chart

If, for some reason, you want to buy me something, or are curious as to what I'm interested in, here's My amazon.co.uk wishlist.